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for erasmus students in bulgaria

Do you want to find other international students who have chosen to be on Erasmus+ exchange program in Bulgaria this academic year? Join the WhatsApp chat for Erasmus students in Bulgaria for the 23/24 academic year. We are going to get to know each other as well as discuss upcoming parties, trips and outdoor events.

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Official WhatsApp chat for Spanish Erasmus students in Bulgaria 23/24

Every year the biggest part of Erasmus students in Bulgaria come from Spain. For that reason we have created a special WhatsApp chat for our Spanish guests.

Join the chat with your Spanish phone number and have a chat with us in Spanish.

Esto es el link WhatsApp oficial para todos españoles e hispanohablantes para el año Erasmus 2023/2024 para Sofia i todo España. Bienvenidos a todos con número español de tel o de Latinoamérica. Aquí vamos a comunicar solo en español para todas cosas, alquileres, viajes, fiestas y todos asuntos oficiales o no oficiales.

Official WhatsApp chat for Erasmus students in Sofia, Bulgaria 23/24

As the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia is the most preferred city by Erasmus students for their exchange program. There is plenty to do in Sofia especially if you are a student.
We organize most of our Erasmus parties in Sofia and it is the starting point of almost all our trips, extreme adventures and other.
If you are a foreign student who is going to be on Erasmus+ program in Sofia, Bulgaria during the 23/24 academic year, you have to definitely join the chat bellow.

Say Hi, introduce yourself and be a part of the Erasmus student society in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Official WhatsApp chat for Erasmus students in the entire Bulgarian province 23/24

If you are going to be on Erasmus+ exchange program in Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Veliko Tarnovo, Svishtov, Blagoevgrad or any other beautiful Bulgarian city outside Sofia you can join the official Erasmus WhatsApp chat for the entire Bulgarian province.
There, we are going to share all events and special trips which we offer during the 23/24 academic year.
You are going to have many opportunities for traveling in Bulgaria and its surrounding countries.

Every year more than 300 Erasmus students in Bulgaria join the chats.
You should too!